Auto Accident and Injury

Over the past 42 years of Chiropractic practice, I often find it so common that the new patient commenting on present-day pain and symptoms, are able to trace injuries far back in the past, resulting from an automobile accident. The patient may have been the driver or even a passenger.

I explain that the medical approach to auto injuries is to firstly rule out life-threatening symptoms from the accident, yet the medical staff aren’t able to follow up past the initial examination. They do a great service for the patient at that time.

However, when there are no fractures of bones coming through skin and no bleeding, this doesn’t mean that the patient hasn’t received injuries that may well result in conditions of a permanent nature, left untreated, yet don’t show up immediately following the auto accident. Often these spinal and joint fixations result in decreased mobility (movement) of joints, loss of use of extremities, as compared to prior to the accident, edema (swelling), and pain. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO DETERMINE IF THE PATIENT’S PROBLEMS AND COMPLAINTS ARE OF A CHIROPRACTIC NATURE!

Thereby, in my professional opinion, it is imperative that any person involved in an automobile accident, regardless of how minimal it may appear at the time, consult a Chiropactor, receive an examination, and have the complaints determined if they are caused by the event. Correcting joint dysfunctioning early on will perhaps prevent more serious issues later on in life. Results are so much more predicable clinically.

I ask that one considers not only themselves, but the passengers in the car, regardless of age. Often children in the same auto accident are left unexamined or untreated, or never even considered. If an adult, that has been restrained in a seatbelt suffers injuries and pain, then why would one not consider a baby or a child in the same scenario? Babies and children may not verbally complain, but be aware of the some of following changes: personality, more crying, inability to sleep as well, decrease in appetite, and generally not as active, and as happy and playful, as prior to the auto accident.

If you seek legal advice, perhaps the attorney has never represented children before in the same auto accident. Ask for the same legal counseling for the child as for yourself.
Children have their entire life ahead of them to worsen, without the necessary Chiropractic care made available for them.

Rest assured, that at any time your problems and condition, or your passengers’ problems and condition, require the services of another professional, referrals outside of this office will be made, in order to facilitate the quickest response for diagnostic purposes. I have a team of facilities and other practioners outside of Wallen Chiropractic, that are as committed as I am to help the patient. The patient is always my staff’s and my primary concern!

If you have been in a serious car accident and have suffered personal injuries, then you are well aware of the devastating effects it can have on your entire life. Stress, financial loss, and constant issues with the chronic pain caused by your accident can leave you feeling hopeless. We understand what you are going through, and we are here to help. Chiropractic care has helped millions recover quickly from their personal injuries and can also help relieve your stress by keeping your body aligned while you heal. Using a mix of chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle advice, we will help you recover from your injuries and get back to your normal self.

Areas Commonly Affected by Auto Accidents

Head and Jaw
Upper Back
Lower Back

Even if you have been in a minor auto accident, you could be injured worse than it may seem. When certain types of injuries go untreated, serious misalignment can happen over time. Call, come in, or fill out our online form for a consultation and learn more about how Chiropractic care can help you with your injuries and prevent future problems.

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